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Meet Name Venue Type Date Pool License Level
Worksop Dolphins The 30th Dukeries Open Meet Sheffield Open Meet 30/08/14 LC EM4454 3
Dunedin Challenge Meet Dunfermline Open Meet 30/08/14 SC SCO870 2
North Ayrshire Distance Meet Auchenharvie Open Meet 30/08/14 SC SCO871 2
Cumbernauld Autumn Graded Meet Tryst Open Meet 23/08/14 SC SCO869 2
Sheffield City SC 11th Annual Open Sprint Meet Sheffield Open Meet 23/08/14 SC NE4499 3
32nd LEN European Swimming Championships Berlin International 18/08/14 LC INT305 1
2014 Youth Olympic Games Nanjing, China International 16/08/14 LC INT304 1
2014 Summer Nationals USA Overseas 06/08/14 LC GBR52 1
BG ASA Youth & MC Open Championships 2014 Sheffield National 05/08/14 LC ASA135 1
Fina World Masters Championships Montreal, Canada International 04/08/14 LC MAS480 0
2014 IPC Swimming European Championships Eindhoven Disability 04/08/14 LC DIS101 1
Swim Wales Summer Nationals 2014 Swansea National 02/08/14 LC WAL585 1
Halifax 400IM Club Championships Halifax Club Championships 01/08/14 SC NE4440 4
BG ASA National Age Groups Championships 2014 Sheffield National 30/07/14 LC ASA134 1
City of Southampton Splash Open Meet Southampton Open Meet 27/07/14 SC SE4401 3
City of Salford Summer Spectacular 2014 Wigan Open Meet 26/07/14 SC NW4123 3
Swindon Dolphin End of Season Meet Swindon Open Meet 26/07/14 SC SW4175 3
City of Sheffield Swim Squad End of Season Summer Sheffield Open Meet 26/07/14 LC NE4592 3
National Youth Team Championships Portugal International 24/07/14 LC INT303 1
2014 Speedo IL Age Group Championships Illinois Overseas 24/07/14 LC GBR56 1
Commonwealth Games 2014 Glasgow International 24/07/14 LC INT302 1
Biggleswade Club Championships Biggleswade Club Championships 21/07/14 SC ER4861 4
Trafford Metro Borough Club Championships Sale Club Championships 20/07/14 SC NW4752 4
Nottingham ASA Summer Gala 2014 Nottingham Gala 20/07/14 SC EM4726 3
Cleethorpes & District SC Club Championships & TT Grimsby Club Championships 20/07/14 SC NE4769 4
Boston ASC Summer Championships Boston Club Championships 20/07/14 SC EM4595 4
Norwich Swan SC Club Championships Wymondham Club Championships 19/07/14 SC ER4748 4
Wycombe District SC End of Season Meet Wycombe Open Meet 19/07/14 LC SE4742 3
Wolverhampton SC Open Meet Wolverhampton Open Meet 19/07/14 SC WM4773 3
Romford Town 2nd Non National Meet Thurrock Gala 19/07/14 SC LR4645 3
Tigersharks No National Qualifiers Open Meet Swindon Open Meet 19/07/14 SC SW4078 3
City of Bradford SC End of Season A/B Graded Meet Shipley Open Meet 19/07/14 SC NE4363 3
Rotherham Metro A&B Grade Short Course Meet Sheffield Gala 19/07/14 SC NE4138 3
Portsmouth Northsea SC PN End of Season Meet Portsmouth Open Meet 19/07/14 LC SE4226 3
City of Peterborough SC Sprint Club Championships Peterborough Club Championships 19/07/14 SC ER4949 4
City of Oxford L3 Meet Oxford Gala 19/07/14 SC SE4196 3
Team Luton Sprint Meet Luton Gala 19/07/14 SC ER4582 3
Long Eaton Club Championships Long Eaton Club Championships 19/07/14 SC EM4486 4
Dover Life Guard Club Championships Dover Club Championships 19/07/14 SC SE4709 4
Columbian Age Group Championships Columbia Overseas 19/07/14 LC GBR57 1
Basildon & Phoenix End of Season Meet Basildon Open Meet 19/07/14 LC ER4489 3
Adwick ASC Home Championships Santa Sprint Ladder Adwick Club 19/07/14 SC NE4763 4
NE SSA Senior Championships USA Overseas 18/07/14 LC GBR47 1
Cleethorpes & District SC Club Championships & TT Grimsby Club Championships 18/07/14 SC NE4768 4
Borough of Barnsley SC Club Championships 2014 Dearneside Club Championships 18/07/14 SC NE14128 4
Barking & Dagenham Summer Gala Dagenham Gala 18/07/14 SC LR4626 3
Norwich Swan SC Club Championships Wymondham Club Championships 16/07/14 SC ER4747 4
Watford SC Club Championships Sprints 2014 Watford Club Championships 16/07/14 SC ER4867 4
Sudbury & District SC Club Championships 2014 Sudbury Club Championships 16/07/14 SC ER4731 4
Speedo Champion Series Missouri USA Overseas 16/07/14 LC GBR51 1
Irish Age Group Championships & Summer Open Dublin Overseas 16/07/14 LC GBR48 1
Wrexham Evening Meet Wrexham Open Meet 15/07/14 SC WAL581 3
Thanet SC Club Championships Hartsdown Club Championships 15/07/14 SC SE4902 4
Dover Life Guard Club Championships Dover Club Championships 14/07/14 SC SE4708 4
Sudbury & District SC Club Championships 2014 Sudbury Club Championships 13/07/14 SC ER4730 4
Trafford Metropolitan Borough SC 2014 Club Champs Sale Club Championships 13/07/14 SC NW4751 4
Swim Conway Len Thomas Memorial Meet Llandudno Open Meet 13/07/14 SC WAL584 2
Seaclose SC Isle of Wight Championships Isle of Wight Club Championships 13/07/14 SC SE4287 4
Teamipswich SC July Surprize Open Ipswich Open Meet 13/07/14 SC ER4352 3
Borough of Kirklees SC Championship Huddersfield Club Championships 13/07/14 SC NE4565 4
Hatfield Junior Summer Open Meet Hatfield Open Meet 13/07/14 SC ER4750 3
Hart SC Top Talent Hart Club 13/07/14 SC SE4739 4
Farnham Club Sprints Farnham Club 13/07/14 SC SE4569 4
Cheshunt SC Sprint Championships Cheshunt Club 13/07/14 SC ER4822 4
City of Cambridge SC July Open 2014 Cambridge Open Meet 13/07/14 SC ER4493 3
Boston ASC Long Distance Championships Boston Club Championships 13/07/14 SC EM4594 4
Norwich Swan SC Club Championships Wymondham Club Championships 12/07/14 SC ER4746 4
Hampshire County Development Competition 2014 Waterlooville Open Meet 12/07/14 SC SE4415 3
2014 SCST/Arena Endless Summer Meet USA Overseas 12/07/14 LC GBR46 1
City of Sunderland ASC Summer Splash 2014 Sunderland Open Meet 12/07/14 LC NE4760 3
Staines SC Black Swan Summer Meet Staines Open Meet 12/07/14 SC SE4161 3
Rotherham Metro Distance Time Trials Rotherham Time Trial 12/07/14 SC NE4809 4
City of Norwich SC Mid-Summer Madness Open Norwich Open Meet 12/07/14 LC ER4037 3
City of Manchester Aquatics Summer Non Qualifier Manchester Open Meet 12/07/14 LC NW4426 3
Windsor Level 3 End of Season Sprint Meet Maidenhead Open Meet 12/07/14 SC SE4705 3
City of Leeds Summer STS Meet 2014 Leeds Club 12/07/14 SC NE4021 4
Hatfield SC Summer Spectacle at the Sports Village Hatfield Open Meet 12/07/14 SC ER4749 2
Hastings Seagull SC Terry Fitzgerald Memorial Open Hastings Open Meet 12/07/14 SC SE4221 3
Cleethorpes & District SC Club Championships & TT Grimsby Club Championships 12/07/14 SC NE4767 4
Lincoln Vulcans SC Short Course Level 3 Open Meet Grantham Open Meet 12/07/14 SC EM4357 3
Gloucester City SC Level 3 July Open Meet Gloucester Open Meet 12/07/14 SC SW4467 3
Preston SC Guild Summer Spectacular Darwen Open Meet 12/07/14 SC NW4320 3
London ASA Region Sprint Meet Crystal Palace Gala 12/07/14 LC LR4443 3
Northampton Summer Festival Open Meet Corby Open Meet 12/07/14 LC EM4053 3
Chesterfield SC Summer Splash 2014 Chesterfield Open Meet 12/07/14 SC EM4485 3
Cardiff Bay Sprint Meet 2014 Cardiff Open Meet 12/07/14 LC WAL582 1
Torfaen Dolphins Non National Qualifier 2014 Bristol Open Meet 12/07/14 LC SW4593 3
Wirral Metro Summer Open Meet Birkenhead Open Meet 12/07/14 SC NW4118 3
Adwick ASC Home Championships Santa Sprint Ladder Adwick Club 12/07/14 SC NE4762 4
Sudbury & District SC Club Championships 2014 Sudbury Club Championships 11/07/14 SC ER4729 4
Southend on Sea SC In House Club Championships Southend Club Championships 11/07/14 SC ER4962 4
The Plymouth Summer Level 3 Long Course Meet Plymouth Open Meet 11/07/14 LC SW4772 3
Guildford City SC HPS Non National Qualifier Time Guildford Time Trial 11/07/14 SC SE4844 4
Cleethorpes & District SC Club Championships & TT Grimsby Club Championships 11/07/14 SC NE4766 4
Folkestone Club Championships Folkestone Club Championships 11/07/14 SC SE4838 4
Dereham & District ASC Roger Virgo Distance Event Dereham Club 11/07/14 SC ER4894 4
Crawley SC Club Championships & Time Trials Crawley Time Trial 11/07/14 SC SE4883 4
2014 FL SZS Summer Sectionals Orlando, Florida Overseas 10/07/14 LC GBR54 1
Atlantis SC Horsham 2014 Summer Club Championships Horsham Club Championships 10/07/14 SC SE4622 4

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