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Meet Name Venue Type Date Pool License Level
Chalfont Otters Last Chance Regional Qualifier Mee Chalfont Gala 16/04/14 SC SE4541 4
MCASA Spring Development Meet Southbury Gala 14/04/14 SC LR4479 3
Teamipswich SC Last Chance April Open Ipswich Open Meet 14/04/14 SC ER4113 3
Guildford City SC Regional Qualifier Guildford Open Meet 14/04/14 SC SE4082 3
Worksop Dolphins 6th Spring Open Meet Worksop Open Meet 13/04/14 SC EM4417 3
City of Stoke on Trent Y2K 2014 Stoke on Trent Open Meet 13/04/14 SC WM4247 3
Devon County ASA Inter Club 2014 Plymouth Open Meet 13/04/14 SC SW4095 2
Leatherhead Spring Sprints Leatherhead Gala 13/04/14 SC SE4503 4
Haslemere Junior B Grade Meet Haslemere Open Meet 13/04/14 SC SE4121 3
Halstead 5th Annual Open Meet Halstead Open Meet 13/04/14 SC ER4264 3
Grantham SC Grand Prix Meet Grantham Open Meet 13/04/14 SC EM4059 3
West Wales Region NT Gala 2014 Carmarthen Gala 13/04/14 SC WAL558 4
South Tyneside Spring Meet South Shields Gala 12/04/14 SC NE4405 3
Lothian Leagues 2014 Round 2 Prestonpans Open Meet 12/04/14 SC SCO827 2
City of Peterborough Mini Meet Grand Prix Series Peterborough Open Meet 12/04/14 SC ER4089 3
Tigers (Jersey) SC Easter Open Meet 2014 Haute Vallee Open Meet 12/04/14 SC SE4502 3
Medway ASA Championships 2014 Gillingham Club 12/04/14 SC SE4442 4
Crawley Spring Open Meet Crawley Open Meet 12/04/14 LC SE4285 1
Wirral Metro Spring Development Meet Birkenhead Gala 12/04/14 SC NW4032 3
Bebington Club Sprint Championships Bebington Club Championships 12/04/14 SC NW4406 4
City of Bangor Diddy Meet Bangor Club 12/04/14 SC WAL559 4
2014 Leicester Age Group Meet Leicester Gala 11/04/14 SC EM4056 2
British Gas Championships 2014 Glasgow National 10/04/14 LC ASA132 1
Croydon Borough SC Annual Championships South Croydon Club Championships 06/04/14 SC LR4416 4
CP Sport National Championships 2014 Nottingham Gala 06/04/14 SC DIS98 3
Littlehampton Last Chance Regional Qualifier 2014 Felpham Open Meet 06/04/14 SC SE4369 3
Lincoln Vulcans SC Club Championships Yarborough Club Championships 05/04/14 SC EM4358 4
BWFSC Secondary Age Group Meet 2014 Walthamstow Open Meet 05/04/14 SC LR4342 3
Derventio Excel 8th LC Open Meet Sheffield Open Meet 05/04/14 LC EM4029 1
Devon County Sprint Gala 2014 Plymouth Open Meet 05/04/14 SC SW4096 3
South East Wales No Time Gala Newport Gala 05/04/14 SC WAL557 4
Newmarket & District SC Sixth Open Meet Newmarket Open Meet 05/04/14 SC ER4009 3
Frome & Wells SC 3 Towers Open Meet Millfield Open Meet 05/04/14 LC SW4310 3
City of Leeds Spring STS Meet 2014 Leeds Club 05/04/14 SC NE4023 4
Kingston Upon Hull SC A/B Meet Hull Open Meet 05/04/14 SC NE4338 3
City of Bristol SC Level 1 Open Meet Hengrove Open Meet 05/04/14 LC SW4135 1
Harlow Penguins SC 2nd Junior Development Meet Harlow Open Meet 05/04/14 SC ER4394 3
Dunstable SC Splash Night Dunstable Club 05/04/14 SC ER4397 4
Rushmoor Royals SC Mini Meet Series 2014 Bracknell Club 05/04/14 SC SE4518 4
Swim Bournemouth 4th Annual Open Meet Bournemouth Open Meet 05/04/14 SC SW4254 2
Bolton Metro Swimming Stars Easter Sprint Meet Bolton Open Meet 05/04/14 SC NW4328 3
BOSSS 2014 Spring Gala Billingham Gala 05/04/14 SC NE4114 3
The Bracknell Spring Level 3 Open Meet 2014 Aldershot Open Meet 05/04/14 LC SE4227 3
Stockport April Meet 2014 Stockport Open Meet 04/04/14 LC NW4345 1
Scottish Gas National Open Championships Glasgow National 03/04/14 LC SCO825 1
2014 Australian Swimming Championships Brisbane, Australia Overseas 01/04/14 LC GBR2 1
ESSA SE Division Inter County Gala Guildford Open Meet 30/03/14 LC SE4413 1
Cambridgeshire ASA County Championships Cambridge County 30/03/14 SC CC4113 2
Nottinghamshire County Championships Beechdale County 30/03/14 SC CC4036 2
North Tyneside Mad March Hare Extravaganza Stanley Open Meet 29/03/14 SC NE4109 3
Nuneaton & Bedworth Spring "Qualifying" Open Nuneaton Open Meet 29/03/14 SC WM4272 2
Cheshire County WP & Swimming Champs Macclesfield County 29/03/14 SC CC4013 2
Isle of Man SA League Match Series Douglas Open Meet 29/03/14 SC NW4125 3
Essex County Age Groups Championships Basildon County 29/03/14 SC CC4042 2
Amersham Club Championships 2013/14 Season Amersham Club Championships 29/03/14 SC SE4097 4
City of Sheffield SS Premier Open Meet Sheffield Open Meet 28/03/14 LC NE4316 1
Essex County Age Groups Championships Basildon County 28/03/14 LC CC4041 1
Wrexham Crystal Meet Wrexham Open Meet 23/03/14 SC WAL554 3
Warrender Junior Age Group Meet Prestonpans Open Meet 23/03/14 SC SCO822 2
Suffolk County Championships Ipswich County 23/03/14 SC CC4085 2
BG Surrey County Championships Crystal Palace County 23/03/14 LC CC4054 1
Coalville SC 50m Sprint Gala 2014 Coalville Club 23/03/14 SC EM4339 4
Carn Brea Sprint Championships Carn Brea Club Championships 23/03/14 SC SW4234 4
Tiger Bay Open Meet 2014 Cardiff Open Meet 23/03/14 LC WAL555 3
York City Baths Distance Time Trials York Gala 22/03/14 SC NE4412 4
Wiltshire ASA Age Group/ Championships Swindon County 22/03/14 SC CC4101 2
Singapore National Age Groups Singapore Overseas 22/03/14 LC GBR1 1
Cambridgeshire ASA County Championships Peterborough County 22/03/14 SC CC4111 2
CCASA Intermediate Gala Penzance Gala 22/03/14 SC SW4154 3
Swim Swansea 2014 Mini Meet Penlan Club 22/03/14 SC WAL556 4
Somerset County Championships Millfield County 22/03/14 SC CC4078 2
Melton Mowbray Club Sprint Champs Melton Mowbray Club 22/03/14 SC EM4266 4
Berkshire & South Buckinghamshire County Maidenhead County 22/03/14 SC CC4023 2
Bedfordshire Age Group & County Champs Luton County 22/03/14 SC CC4033 2
63rd Annual Lincolnshire County Champs Louth County 22/03/14 SC CC4016 2
BG Surrey County Championships Guildford County 22/03/14 SC CC4053 2
SASA North District Age Group Champs Fraserburgh Gala 22/03/14 SC SCO823 1
Middlesex County Championships Enfield County 22/03/14 SC CC4096 2
2014 Cumbrian Age Groups & County Champs Carlisle County 22/03/14 SC CC4046 2
Hertfordshire County Championships Borehamwood County 22/03/14 SC CC4081 2
Gloucestershire County Championships Bath University County 22/03/14 SC CC4059 2
Championnats De National St Rapheal, France Overseas 21/03/14 LC GB4019 1
Cheshire County WP & Swimming Champs Liverpool County 21/03/14 LC CC4012 1
2014 Central Swimming Long Course Meet Hamilton - NZ Overseas 21/03/14 LC GB4020 1
Selkie Goblet 1st Leg Gala Kirkwall Gala 20/03/14 SC SCO824 2
City of Sheffield Swim Squad Club Time Trials Sheffield Club Championships 18/03/14 LC NE4572 4
Derwentside ASC Development Meet Stanley Gala 16/03/14 SC NE4136 3
Shetland Sprint Championships Lerwick Gala 16/03/14 SC SCO819 2
Worcester County Championships Hereford County 16/03/14 SC CC4003 2
Middlesex County Championships Crystal Palace County 16/03/14 LC CC4095 1
Berks & South Bucks County Championships Wycombe County 15/03/14 LC CC4022 1
Cumbria County Championships Whitehaven County 15/03/14 SC CC4045 2
Cumbernauld Spring Graded Meet 2014 Tryst Open Meet 15/03/14 SC SCO821 2
Staffordshire County Championships Stafford County 15/03/14 SC CC4010 2
Yorkshire County Championships Sheffield County 15/03/14 LC CC4069 1
Portobello Mad March Meet Prestonpans Gala 15/03/14 SC SCO818 2
Hampshire County Championships Portsmouth County 15/03/14 LC CC4116 1
Devon County Championships Plymouth County 15/03/14 SC CC4030 2
Cambridgeshire ASA County Championships Peterborough County 15/03/14 SC CC4110 2
Nottinghamshire County Championships Nottingham County 15/03/14 SC CC4035 2

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